Website Upgrade: Is It Time? A Tweak Can Make a Big Difference

Yay! Pumpkin spice and a website upgrade!Despite recent Houston weather to the contrary, it is fall. It’s time for cooler weather, approaching holidays, family gatherings and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. The last quarter of the year tends to slow down as life gets in the way. This is why now is a good time to plan ahead and even consider making some changes to get a head start on next year.

This is a somewhat different discussion from a complete redesign. We actually get into that process over on our design and development blog. But sometimes all you need are some minor modifications or updates to make a substantive difference in the experience for your customers. Here are some possibilities to consider as we move closer to 2017.

Content is King: Change it Often

If you don’t change the text on your website often, this would probably be a good time to get into the habit. Quality content is the key to not only explaining yourself but engaging customers. Nothing says “neglect” like a website with stale and, worse yet, outdated information. Tweak a bio. Modify your About Us page. Add details on new products and services. Virtually any change can help.

New Information

One of the quickest ways to jumpstart visitor interest is to give them new information. This most frequently comes in the form of new products and services, but it could be details on your process or the history of your organization. Adding new pages to the website can draw visitors and keep them on your website longer, increasing the changes of conversion.

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Updated Branding and Collateral

It probably doesn’t need to be said, but if your company has undertaken rebranding efforts or created new collateral, those should be integrated into your website. This is often handled at the time of a redesign, but not always. If you are looking to make those kinds of changes to your offline marketing, let us know and we can provide an easy transition to the website.

Marketing and SEO

Everyone wants to generate more leads for their organization. Using your website to help you market your services should be on your priority list. Maybe your existing search engine optimization needs tweaking. Or maybe you have never done any online marketing before. Now is a great time to get your website in front of more customers through effective online marketing and SEO. And if nothing else, think about tapping into the power of Google Analytics to find out who is visiting you and what they are reading.

Content Management Systems

And if you have made the decision to change your content more frequently, it might be time for a content management system. This is perhaps the most common website upgrade request we encounter. A content management system give you direct access to the pages on your website. It can also improve your online marketing efforts and make the requests you send us go more quickly. Not sure if you need it? We’ve written a primer.

Mobile Optimization

If you have not made your website responsive for mobile environments, this can be an extremely valuable website upgrade. Most websites can be modified for use on phones and tablets. Older websites can require a little more effort than ones created in the last few years, but it should be an important consideration given the proliferation of mobile devices.

E-Commerce and Bill Pay

Not everyone needs an e-commerce system for selling products or services, but there are other options for engaging visitors through transactions. Namely: online bill pay. Many of our customers have added a simple method for paying bills online for their customers. Giving new options for your clients decreases time to pay and engages them with your content.

No matter what your needs, now is as good a time as any to invest in a website upgrade. We can help. For more information, please call us at 888-424-6363 or get a free quote today!