How to Send a Website Update Request

How to send a website maintenance request.When emailing a website update request to us, we only need a few simple things:

  • The page or file you need updated.
  • The information or file that needs to be added and/or changed.
  • Any details to help explain potential complications.

Try this format:

Website URL:
Change Needed: Please replace the first paragraph with the text below.

Acceptable File Formats (Text)

Plain text embedded in email

Word (doc/docx)

Acrobat (pdf)

Excel (xls/xlsx)

Text (txt)

Acceptable File Formats (Images)







Some tips for sending requests to make the process go smoothly and efficiently:

  • Don’t send text with lots of formatting other than bold, italics, underline, paragraphs and links. Avoid the use of tables in your Word documents.
  • Always send files from which we can cut and paste text — no scanned PDFs
  • Make sure any handwriting on documents is legible and only for typos. Full sentences should be typed out in an email or file.
  • Don’t embed images in Word documents or PDFs. Send separately.
  • If you have a lot of changes to a single document, go ahead and send us a replacement for everything.
  • If you have just some small changes, only send those rather than a replacement document.

If you ever have questions, be sure to contact us and we will be happy to help!