Six Ways to Manage Content Writing Deadlines for a Website Launch

A website launch deadline means content must be written.Nothing slows down a website launch like writing content. Let’s be honest, no one wants to write the text for their own website. It’s boring, tedious and feels like a waste of time. But, it is as important, often more so, than how your website looks or works. What your website says will change what your customers think about who you are and what you do.

Yet, it is the single greatest hurdle to completing a project. In fact, after building dozens and dozens of websites over nearly two decades, nothing has slowed down a website launch like the struggle to complete content. It is why we tell our clients from the minute we begin a project that they should start writing now!

There are effective ways to manage those internal deadlines for yourself and your staff. Keeping a good schedule prevents delays and gets your website launch done on time, which makes everyone happy.

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Start Writing Now

Nothing stops a project dead in its tracks like procrastination. While virtually no one wants to write text for their website, it’s something we all have to do, so don’t waste time thinking about it. Get started. The sooner you start, the sooner you finish and can get back to managing your business.

Write a Little at a Time

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the prospect of a long writing project. Take it in smaller doses instead. Write the about page then move on to your bio. Write a product description a day or add bits to your company’s timeline throughout the week. Breaking up the project into smaller, more manageable pieces will take the pressure off and you’ll be done before you know it.

Spread the Wealth

If you have staff to assist you, by all means enlist them. Even if they don’t all have your gift for writing, they can help organize ideas and take notes. It also helps them feel involved and invested in the process. For those who require your staff’s participation – particularly true of attorneys who have to write their own bios, for example – set good deadlines so everyone knows when they need to be done.

Get Outside Help

Not all projects should be handled internally. Sometimes, the best way to manage a project is to farm it out to someone else. We frequently provide content writing services for our clients, but you could also pay a well-spoken employee a little overtime or a friend with writing skills to assist. And having another voice may give you ideas you hadn’t considered.

Set a Website Launch Deadline

Website launch deadlines can be elusive. Projects often take more time than you expect. But, as you are reaching the finish line, setting a firm deadline for launch is great for you and your website developer. It is also critical for your staff if they are involved in the project.

Launch Even if Your Content is Incomplete

Don’t forget that websites are not static. They can and SHOULD be changed with regularity. If you aren’t quite done with the text for your website, go ahead and launch anyway. It is a great motivator for getting staff to complete their own work (nothing gooses a person to redo an outdated bio like launching the old one) and it doesn’t slow the process of getting your new website to the public.

Most importantly of all, you need a good partner to help your website launch stay on deadline. Site Mender has managed and launched dozens of web design projects since 2001 providing services including WordPress, SEO and website maintenance. Please read more about the services we provide and visit our website design portfolio.

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