Managing Your Website During a Hurricane or Other Natural Disaster

Hurricane preparedness. Those of us who live along the Gulf Coast are acutely aware of hurricane season. We are particularly attentive between early August and late September, the season’s peak. Just ask our friends and customers over at Space City Weather. But, what about your website? Ensuring it is running despite the conditions of the weather is critical for any business. Much like your home, plans must be made to prepare for the worst. Here are some strategies for making sure your website is ready for the storm and its aftermath.

By the way, you can build your website to make life during a disaster easier. Check out how do do that here for more information.

Off-site hosting is always preferable.

We have seen the impacts of in-house hosting during disasters first hand. If the power at your building is out, your website is down. If your email is hosted there, it is even worse. The safest option is hosting both through off-site servers with reliable backup power provisions. We opt for hosting in another part of the country where disasters are rare to avoid any issues.

Make sure you have a good backup plan.

Backing up your data is critical. Technology can be fallible, particularly when the power is out. Having backup copies of your website content and email is a good idea. We do backups throughout the day on websites we host, but you can always request a copy for download or to store in a cloud-based solutions.

Mitigate security risks.

Having complex passwords and rotating them often is always a good idea. It’s so important, in fact, we’ve written about it before. During a disaster, technology can be compromised. Having a good plan for managing the security of your data is important and it begins with good password practices.

Google is your friend.

In addition to Gmail, Google docs can provide a great place for temporary content storage during a disaster. Sharing emergency contact lists and procedures with staff and vendors is a great way to help stay connected during a storm.


Let us help!

In addition to providing hosting services, we can help coordinate your disaster preparedness plans during a hurricane or any other natural disaster. Contact us today for more information.