How Do You Know if Your Business Needs a Mobile App?

A mobile app for your business.We often receive questions from clients considering building a mobile app to assist with their businesses. With the vast majority of web traffic being filtered through a phone or tablet, it’s no surprise mobile is in the forefront of everyone’s minds when contemplating a website build or redesign. But, websites that respond well in mobile environments — referred to as “responsive design” — are quite different from apps. How do you know when you need an app?

Simply put, most businesses have no need, nor will they ever have a need for an app for a phone. However, there are some situations that require more than just a website. Here are a few examples.

Location Services

Let’s say you are the tourism board for a popular travel destination. One way to give your visitors more and better information about your community is through location services that help them find their way around. Thanks to geolocating and mapping technology, there are an infinite number of ways to take advantage of helping people get around.


Email notifications are fine, but in an emergency, a phone can be a critical lifeline to customers. Power companies often create service notifications when power is down in a specific area to help customers know when they might get their power back during an outage. If you want a direct line to customers through these kinds of direct notifications, an app may be your only reasonable solution.

Specific Industry Needs

Large companies often create apps to make it easier for service technicians and even sales teams to track resources and document customer problems. When your industry has specific needs not accounted for in typical out of the box solutions, a custom app might be the way to go.

Overwhelming Customer Service

If you are inundated with customer service requests, sometimes it is necessary to divert customers to ease the strain on your support staff. Apps are a great way to direct customers to information and ticketing support systems that can give them access to everything from billing to tech support.

Those are just a few examples, but there are many more. The reality is that if you have a complex problem that isn’t easily solved through your website, an app might be the right solution for you. Contact us today and we can help you decide.