Announcement Regarding COVID-19

COVID-19 coronavirusIt is an unfortunate reality that we all are suffering from the initial impacts of the coronavirus (COVID-19), some physically, others financially; and the worst appears yet to come. At Site Mender, we recognized long ago the value and efficiency of the remote workspace. While we do maintain offices in Houston, we only use them for meetings and organization. Much of our work is done remotely. In fact, we have vendors and staff across the country, most of them working from a home office environment.

As such, we are uniquely prepared to weather the storm of COVID-19 and assist you and your staff with the same. We recognize the disruptions to business this will create and the unique challenges it will present. We stand ready and able to provide support as needed.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to all of those impacted by COVID-19. We wish all of you safety and health through this crisis. We will come through the other side stronger.

For more information, we strongly urge you to monitor the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website.